Solidity Engineer (remote)


  • Design and develop smart contracts according to the given requirements;
  • Independently deploy and test the contract;
  • Be responsible for the research of related technology and overcoming the technical difficulties, and continuously optimize the performance;
  • Other work related to the position;


  • Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, at least 3 years experience in smart contract development;
  • Familiar with solid language, common security vulnerability solutions, independent development, integration, deployment, reconfiguration and tuning of smart contracts;
  • Familiar with DAPP, experience in defi project is preferred;
  • Familiar with metamask, TP wallet and other common wallets;

Good to have:

  • Have a deep understanding of smart contract security
  • Familiar with typescript
  • Have a deep understanding of BSC, Ethereum, and other public chains

How to apply:

Email [email protected] with your resume