Mining Reward Rules for EURO2020 Group Stage

Time: June 12, 2021 - June 24, 2021

Competition: EURO2020 Group Stage

Team: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary.

Mining Reward: 30,000 FFA for each match

Award Distribution Rules

All rewards will be distributed to the players participating in the matches according to a certain coefficient, and the player awards will be distributed equally to each card holder.

If the player does not have a card holder, the player's reward will be running back to the reward pool for the next award distribution.

The range of players participating in the EURO2020 group stage

All the players on the list of each match, including starters and substitutes.

Reward Coefficient Rules

  • Reward coefficient of all players on the list: 1

  • Reward coefficient for all starters: 2

  • Reward coefficient for assists players: first assist 10 and 5 per additional assists

  • Reward coefficient for goalscorers: first goal 20 and 10 per additional goals

  • Reward coefficient of winning team: 5

  • Reward coefficient of clean sheets for goalkeeper and defenders: 5

Note: If player A scores 3 goals and player B scores 1 goal. Then A's reward coefficient is 40 and B's reward coefficient is 20.

Award Distribution Time

The reward distribution time is every Wednesday and Friday. The rewards from 00:00 last Wednesday to 00:00 on last Sunday will be distributed before 20:00 every Wednesday. The rewards from 00:00 this Sunday to 00:00 on this Wednesday will be distributed before 20:00 every Friday.

Card Holder Instruction

Only if you hold the corresponding player's NFT card in the first 2 hours before each match and there is no transfer of ownership or star card bidding within 22 hours after the start of the match(users must hold the card for more than 24 hours), then you can receive the corresponding mining reward. During this period, player cards that bid in the trading market cannot participate in mining reward events.

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