What’s FFA.Games?

FFA.Games, a crypto football player card Gamefi platform based on NFT, introduces the classic gameplay of traditional football games into the crypto world and integrates NFT and Defi elements to develop a fairer, friendly and sustainable game mechanism, with gameplay including opening packs, event mining, lineup challenges, etc. You can permanently collect your favorite star cards, and get corresponding mining rewards based on the performance of the player or the team in the real game, and you can also trade freely with other players.

How can players get their favorite star cards?

FFA.Games has issued a variety of limited-edition lottery packs. Using FFA to buy lottery packs is the only way to obtain cards. You can also bid for star cards sold by other players in the trading hall.

How to create an account?

If players want to trade on FFA.Games, they must install extension first. The installation method is as follows:

pageMetamask Tutorial

You can install it as an extension on Chrome or Firefox. Please make sure to keep the 12 words seed safe. Using Metamask makes everything easier, try it now:

  1. Install the extension on Chrome or Firefox, and you must take good care of the 12 words seed.

  2. Connect your wallet address to FFA.Games. When you see "Connecting..." it means you are almost there.

  3. Connect your wallet address to FFA.Games. When you see "Connecting..." it means you are almost there.

  4. After the connection is successful, you can buy, trade, and sell star cards on FFA.Games. Besides, you can check your wallet address on the right at the top of the page.

How to draw cards from the lottery packs?

pageLottery Packs

How can I contact you when I need help?

If you need our help, you can join our Telegram English group and follow us on Twitter. Our admins will always be there to help you out.

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