Fee specification for user top-up and consumption rate on the FFA.Games platform

Lottery Pack Fee

Each lottery pack has a fixed price and is settled by FFA. The pack price is set by the FFA.Games platform based on current market conditions, pack winning rate, number of plays in the card pool and other factors. All parameters of the packs are written into the contract, which can be checked on the chain and cannot be changed until all the packs sold out.

Transaction fee of NFT players transfer

Players can freely trade NFT star cards in the transfer market, the transaction price is set by the seller, and the buyer adopts the form of bit. Each transaction will incur a transfer fee. The transfer fee usually consists of two parts:

1, Platform fee: 5%

For each transaction in the transfer market, the platform will charge a transaction fee of up to 5%. The platform will adjust the rate according to product development, but the maximum will not exceed 5%.

2, Training fee for the first card owner: 5%

The first card owner endowed the concept of youth training club in the concept of football. For all subsequent transfer transactions of the player's card, the first card owner can receive a 5% share of the transfer fee. For more "first card owner" details, please refer to:

pageNFT Players Card

Gas fee

When users open lottery packs, buy, sell or receive rewards, their requests will be sent to the BSC network, and the miners will package and confirm the transaction. This process will generate a certain amount of gas fees, which will eventually be settled to the miners, and the settlement currency is BNB. Therefore, all players need to make sure a certain amount of BNB in their wallets to pay the gas fees.

Authorization fee

Users need to authorize operations in advance before making a pack purchase, bid, and other payment behaviors, and the authorization will consume a certain amount of gas. After the authorization completed, users can successfully purchase the lottery packs. Each pack only needs to be authorized once.

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