FFA Token

What is FFA token (FFA) ?

FFA.Games issued the FFA tokens as the only circulation currency in the game ecology. FFA supports Ethereum ERC20 interface standard.

Players use FFA tokens to buy packs and NFT cards. The mining rewards are also cleared by FFA tokens. We design the mechanism of the game so that the platform can obtain sustainable revenue and ensure the continuous deflation of FFA tokens.

FFA Token Details

FFA Token Distribution




Early Financing

100 Million

The early-stage financing allocates 100 million FFA, according to the pricing, it is divided into no lock-up to lock-up for 12 months.


50 Million

Initially unlocked after 1 year of lock-up, 25% linearly unlocked every 6 months, and all unlocked in 3 years


50 Million

Community incentives are given to users in the form of lucky money, airdrop lock-ups, and task rewards. The platform sets the threshold for rewards withdrawals, and users need to purchase star cards to participate in tasks such as game mining. Only then can you save enough rewards to complete the withdrawal.

Gaming Protocol

100 Million

100 Million of the tokens are completely controlled by the game protocol, and are issued & destroyed on demand. The team conducts macro-control according to the game economic system, controlling more than 1/3 of the tokens circulating in the game.

How to get/buy FFA ?


website: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap

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