FFA V2 Program: Istanbul

FFA V1, officially released on May 21, 2021, based on the concepts in the white paper, established an encrypted fantasy football game that combines football star NFTs, lottery packs, marketplace and game mining. After nearly a month of trial operation, the project has received a lot of comprehensive feedback and a series of problems has been summed up accordingly.

In order to build FFA into a stable and sustainable decentralized fantasy football ecosystem and form a systematic user system, the team will next launch the V2 program, codenamed Istanbul. The FFA V2 upgrade mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. User growth model;

  2. Game economic system;

  3. Rewards distribution algorithm;

  4. Brand new star card system;

  5. DAO: decentralized autonomous organization.

  6. Multi-Chain support.

More details of Istanbul will be unraveled on this page very soon.

FFA Team 18 June,2021

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