NFT Players Card

What is a FFA NFT Players card?

FFA.Games covers thousands of soccer players all around the world, and you can visit all the players' pages to view player information. Each player could produce up to 111 NFT cards, including 100 ordinary gold cards, 10 special event cards, and only one rare card. All NFT cards support the ERC721 specification on BSC.

The Game Value of Players Card

  1. Hold the cards and get reward from event mining;

  2. Sell the cards and get transfer commission and FFA tokens;

  3. Sell at a discount to the system recycling contract;

  4. Become the first card owner and enjoy the permanent transfer proceeds after selling cards.

How to get Players cards?

You can visit the card package mall page, use FFA tokens to buy card packs, and draw mysterious players cards. The more advanced cards, the lower explosion rate, the smaller total amount and the higher the holding value. Go and try your luck.

You can also get your favorite players card by bidding on the transfer market.

What is the first owner?

Each NFT players card corresponds to a sole owner, and the ownership of the NFT token changes after each transfer transaction.

As each NFT card on the Cryptofifa platform is generated through a pack, the address information of the lucky user, that is, the first "card owner", will be permanently written into the blockchain contract until the card is recycled and destroyed by the owner.

The first card owner corresponds to the concept of a youth training club in the soccer industry, after which all transfer transactions on the player's card will receive a 5% share of the transfer fee.

I have finished my purchase. Where can I find my card?

Once the purchase is completed, you can visit “My Cards” page to view your card information.

What if I fail to pay?

If the trading was failed, there may be the following reasons:

Someone bought the card before you. Insufficient wallet assets: payment failure occurs when your wallet assets are lower than the amount purchased for cards. To avoid this, make sure that the assets in your wallet are higher than the amount purchased for star cards.

Late payment: when the blockchain network is congested, the payment may expire if it takes more than 60 minutes, and this can also happen if your gas fee is too low at the time of the transaction. You can re-select the card to purchase.

I bought a players card, why is it not shown on My Cards page?

The transaction on the blockchain may take tens of seconds or even minutes to complete, but you don't have to worry at all, if the deal is successful, the players card is yours and will be displayed in your card list.

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