What is Event Mining?

Participating in event mining is the KEY value of holding FFA.Games players cards. Each card can earn a corresponding mining profit according to the performance of the player and his team in the real game. The evaluation criteria of performance mainly include: starters, scoring, assists, the team winning and so on. There are different reward coefficients for different performances, and FFA.Games will announce the rulls before the event mining starts.

What events are supported by FFA Event Mining?

FFA.Games will launch club matches mining pool and major national team events mining pool at the very beginning. Club matches include the five major European leagues, the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League. Major national team events include European Cup and World Cup qualifiers and official matches.

How to participate in Event Mining?

Hold players cards and you can participate in the Event Mining. FFA.Games distributes FFA awards to your wallet address every week according to the reward rules, and provides web pages to claim awards.

Before the start of each phase of Event Mining, FFA.Games officials will publish detailed rules of event mining. Users should hold cards for a certain length of time and did not transferred to Markets to participate in the Event mining.

Where can I see the mining rewards?

You can visit the “Rewards” page to view the detailed record of the award. Click “Claim Rewards”, and claim the unclaimed reward to the Claimed Reward. After reaching the withdrawal limit set by the platform, you can withdraw the received reward to your wallet address.

How to withdraw FFA mining reward to wallet?

The easiest way to withdraw is to visit the “Rewards” page of Cryptofifa, click “Withdraw Rewards”, and you can withdraw the rewards to your wallet address.

Note: Make sure you have a small amount of BNB in your wallet to pay the gas fee of BSC network for each transaction.

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