Introducing FFA V2

Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day. —— Fred Ehrsam

Released on May 21, 2021, FFA V1 was based on the ideas in the whitepaper, a fantasy football game that integrates player NFTs, lottery packs drawing, NFT marketplace and game mining had been established in the crypto world. The UEFA Euro 2020 is the first complete game mining in the trial operation of FFA. As of July 15, 2021, FFA.Games has distributed a total amount of approximately 2,720,000 FFA for more than 4,000 star cards, with an average monthly income of nearly 85%.

In order to build a more decentralized product ecology, FFA.Games will be fully upgraded to V2 system in the near future, its core content will include team contracts, match star cards, dynamic bonus pools and so on. Due to the reconstruction of the bonus pool incentive model, we will burn hundreds of million FFA of the original tokenization, and the application scenarios of the remaining FFA will remain unchanged.

1, Team Contract

FFA V2 will introduce the team system. All players can apply to create a team on desktop. The creator, after the team creation, will become the team captain and can recruit team members then. The team members will get a certain percentage discount when buying the card package, and the captain will get a certain percentage of the rebate. All team membership relationships are based on the player's wallet address, and which will be written in the on-chain smart contracts.

Application Requirements

All players can apply to create a team, as long as the following conditions are met: The creator's address owns more than 20 NFT star cards.

Team Grade System

The FFA team has a total of 5 grades, which are adjusted on a weekly basis. Teams that cannot reach grade 1 will be disbanded. Different grade of teams gets different discounts and rebates. The percentage of discount available to team members is uniformly set by the captain of the team.


Members Discounts

Captain Rebates



















2,Event Cards

The FFA V2 mining model is based on a new game star card system. All game cards can only participate in mining in the bonus pool of the corresponding game, and the valid period of the game card is in sync with the corresponding game. If a player participates in multiple games, multiple versions of the player's game card will be issued accordingly. There will be no limit on the number of players' game cards, which will be 100% randomly generated by the card packs, but it is guaranteed that the card packs have the availability of the players' participation in the game.

The games supported by FFA include the Big five European football leagues, UEFA Champions League, European Football Championship and FIFA World Cup. For example, the Premier League star Raheem Sterling will have a Premier League card in 2021-2022 match season, a Champions League card in 2021-2022 match season, a 2022 World Cup card respectively.

Income Multiplier

In addition to the player's attribute, each game card also has an income multiplier, which represents the multiple of the player's bonus. For example, if 1 time Kylian Mbappé gets 100 FFA in the match, 3 times Kylian Mbappé will get 300 FFA, 200 times Kylian Mbappé will get 20,000 FFA. The maximum multiple of each player card is 200 times.

Event Cards Airdrop Plan

FFA V2 no longer supports the stars cards in three colors of rare gold, premium blue and unique red. For existing star cards, the system will automatically airdrop the game card with the corresponding income multiplier to the corresponding player’s address. The original version of the star card will still be displayed in the user's item slot as a collection, which will be used as the entry for other game mining rewards in the future, but it will not be able to generate mining income from the game.

The rules for airdrop are as follows:

  • Each rare gold card will be airdropped by a 2021-2022 match-season league match card of 8 times the value of corresponding player.

  • Each premium blue card will be airdropped by a 2021-2022 match-season league match card of 50 times the value of corresponding player.

  • Each unique red card will be airdropped by a 2021-2022 match-season league match card of 200 times the value of corresponding player.

3, Dynamic Bonus Pools

Dynamic bonus pools are an important ecological part of FFA V2, including major game bonus pools and various event bonus pools. FFA V2 no longer relies on the original mining pool as the source of allocation, and this portion of FFA will be burned before the V2 is launched.

The game bonus pools are mainly used for mining events of star cards. This part of the funds all come from the sales of the corresponding game card packs and is dynamically increased and distributed with the card packs sales. All open bonus pools for the 2020-2021 match season are as follows:

2020-2021 Premier League, 2020-2021 La Liga, 2020-2021 Bundesliga, 2020-2021 Serie A, 2020-2021 Ligue 1, 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League, 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Distribution Rules

All game bonus pools are derived from the income of game card packs and are divided evenly into each round according to the match round, so as to ensure that players who purchase card packs at any time can get the same amount of expected income in each round. That is, in the case of fewer cards in the initial stage, the overall bonus pools are less, and when there are more cards emerging in the later stage, The release of the cumulative bonus pools also will be increased linearly.

For example, in the 38 matches of Premier League, the newly purchased cards in each round are X1, X2, ... X38, and the bonuses for each round are distributed as follows:

  • The total bonus for the first round is X1/38;

  • The total bonus for the second round is X1/38 + X2/37;

  • The total bonus for the third round is X1/38 + X2/37 + X3/36;

  • And so on.

In addition to the game bonus pools, FFA has also set up different kinds of event bonus pools, captain income bonus pools and so on. The specific rules will be disclosed step by step in the future.

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