BBA Program I-3 Completed, 9 Million FFA Burned, and 0.5 Million FFA Airdrop Paid

BBA Program I-3 was finished on Dec 3, 2021. Basically, 8.75 million FFA was burned on 'buy back' address 0xcBbCe43B81b88742a9432cB2C8becCb09Fe1405c, and 0.25 million FFA was burned on address 0x49c785be407b5347e0c820a87ca36c9ef878bfa0. The updated total supply of FFA is 273,000,000.

Meanwhile, 0.5 Million FFA airdrop was paid to the early supporters and game players.

Users can claim your rewards on the website:, click V1 panel.

  • BBA Program I-3 for early buyers

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FFA Team. Dec 3, 2021

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