FFA Listing on BitMart Shooting Star: 24h Flash Sale!
Dear BitMart Users,
Cryptofifa(FFA) will be listed on BitMart Shooting Star at 08:00 AM on May 21, 2021 (EDT). BitMart users will be able to purchase FFA within a 24-hour flash sale.
Flash Sale Rules
• Start Time: 08:00 AM 05/21/2021 EDT
• Listing Time: 04:00 AM 05/22/2021 EDT
• Total Supply of Flash Sale: 50,000 USDT
• Individual Hard Cap: 100 USDT
• Flash Sale Price: 0.075 USDT
• Requirement: Users who complete tasks and pass KYC can participate in the FFA 24h flash sale at 08:00 AM on May 21, 2021 (EDT).
• Subscription Currency: USDT
a. Achieve trading volume >= 1,000 USDT on any trading pairs from BitMart spot trading;
b. Period for complete tasks:05/14/2021 10:00 AM - 05/19/2021 10:00 AM (EST)


• Users can only participate in the event through the Shooting Star section;
• Users who complete KYC and task are qualified to participate in the event.
• FFA Shooting Star doesn't have price protection rules.
• Users must meet the minimum balance requirements to be eligible for participating in the sales event;
• BitMart reserves all rights for the final explanation.
Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. BitMart will make its best effort to list only high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.
Thank you for supporting BitMart!
BitMart Team
May 14, 2021
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