Mining Reward Rules for 2020-2021 38. Round Premier League

Time: 13:00 on May 23, 2021 (UTC)

Competition: 2020-2021 Premier League Round 38th

Team: 20 Premier League Team

Total Mining Reward: 600,000 FFA


pageNO.20210523001 Premier League Round 38th Ending Packs


  • Arsenal FC - Brighton,Rewards: 60000 FFA

  • Aston Villa - Chelsea FC,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • Fulham FC - Newcastle United,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • Leeds United - West Bromwich Albion,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • Leicester City - Tottenham Hotspur,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • Liverpool FC - Crystal Palace,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • Manchester City - Everton FC,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • Sheffield United - Burnley FC,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • West Ham United - Southampton FC,Rewards:60000 FFA

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers - Manchester United,Rewards:60000 FFA

Award Distribution Rules

All rewards will be distributed to the players participating in the 38. round Premier League according to a certain coefficient, and the player awards will be distributed to each card holder.

70% of each player rewards will be distributed to all card owners. 20% distributed to all sepcial blue card and unique red card owners. 10% distributed to red unique card owners.

If the player does not have a card holder, the player's reward will be running back to the reward pool for the next award distribution.


If 10000 FFA rewards are distributed to player A, who currently generates 4 rare cards, one blue and 1 red.

  • Each rare card owner gets: 7000/6 = 1166.6 FFA

  • Each special blue owner gets: 7000/6 + 2000/2 = 2166.6 FFA

  • Each unique red owner gets:7000/6 + 2000/2 + 1000 = 3166.6 FFA

The range of players Participating in the 38. round Premier League

All the players on the list of match schedules above, including starters and substitutes.

Reward Coefficient Rules

  • Reward coefficient of all players on the list: 1

  • Reward coefficient for all starters: 2

  • Reward coefficient for all assists: 10

  • Reward coefficient for all goalscorer: 20 (penalty excluded)

  • Reward coefficient of winning team: 5

Awards Distribution Time

10:00 on May 27, 2021 (UTC)

Card Holder Instruction

Only before 13:00 on May 23, 2021 (UTC) , users who hold the players’ NFT card, without any ownership transfer or bid, can receive the corresponding mining rewards.

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