Trading Market

How do I get my favorite cards?

If you can't get your favorite players cards though packs, you can also go to “Markets” and bid from other users. Buy is simple. Go to the markets page, find your favorite players (if available) and complete the payment. You can view the details of auction on the transaction page.

How do I sell my cards?

Visit My Cards page and click on the card details to choose to sell your cards to the Markets or Quick sale to the platform. Please note that if you use the sell feature for the first time, you need to complete the authorization before you can sell it.

(1) sell to the Markets

Input the starting price. The starting price represents the lowest price that you can accept.

(2) Quick sale

Click Quick sell, and the card will be sold to the system recycling contract at a fixed price.

After a successful sale or purchase, where can I check it?

You can visit the transaction page to view the bid information and transaction details.

I didn't get FFA tokens for selling cards. Why?

If you sold your card by Markets or Quickly Sale, the other party must provide FFA tokens. Although we can usually guarantee fast trading, sometimes there may be delays in the transfer of cards and blockchain networks.

If so, you can visit the BSC blockchain browser to find out more about the transaction and the status of the card at that time.

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